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Family Self-Defense - Private Courses

Home Defense, Vehicle Defense, Active threat, and more options tailored specifically for your family

About this class

We offer multiple self-defense options tailored specifically for families. Our courses include: Home Defense - Predator awareness and avoidance - Family roles and dynamics in and around the home - Laws involving defending your family or your home - Medical preparedness in case of an emergency - Verbal and Tactical Communication - Basic home clearing in case of an emergency Vehicle Defense - Predator and situational awareness / avoidance - Family dynamics and tactical communication - Carry laws and preparedness - Medical emergency preparedness and best course of action - Scenario drills Active Threat - Predator and situational awareness - Tactical decision making - Family Roles/Dynamics - Preparedness in case of action Room Clearing - Room Clearing fundamentals - Scenario Drills - Family roles and tactical communication Awareness Fundamentals - 1 hour course on predator and situational awareness - Tactical verbal defense, deescalation, and avoidance Defense Fundamentals - 1 Hour self-defense class - Movement - Fundamental Self Defense techniques - Practical application

Contact Details

  • Dunamis MMA & Combatives, Old Highway 441, Mount Dora, FL, USA


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